P.I.P. Chapter founder Michael T. (On Left), with one of his team members.
Michael was the first member of the PIM- Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee when it formed in 2007, and was a member in good standing upon his moving to the East Coast. To find out what Michael did while a member of PIM, or to contact any members he worked with, please visit the main PIM site."PIP is on Facebook. Become a fan of our page to receive updates of future events and information  session.
Welcome to the home page of Paranormal Investigators of Philadelphia, is the east coast branch of Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee!

Paranormal Investigators of Philadelphia, (PIP) is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based paranormal phenomena investigative group. We conduct investigations in private homes, historic sites and businesses that report paranormal activity, using various scientific methods and equipment in an attempt to separate the explainable from the unexplainable.


If you have any questions about PIP, the paranormal in general, or if you would like PIP to investigate your home, historic site or business, please contact us and a member will get back to you with more information.

PIP is currently looking for additional members for its investigative team. If you are interested in joining a group that will be conducting professional investigations, meeting at least once a month, and that is open to suggestions and new ideas, then fill out our membership application and PIP will contact you.
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